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We are aware of the difficulty that this process of inheritance often means for families after the death of a loved one. This is the reason why we recommend more than ever our intermediation, as external agents and for the mediation in the interests of each of the parties.

What is an inheritance or donation?

When a person dies, their assets and rights pass to the corresponding heirs.This process begins with obtaining the death certificate and ends with the delivery of the goods.

Type of succession

  • Probate: Before the death and through the will, the person distributes his assets and rights (partially or totally) so that his heirs receive them after his death.


  • Abintestato: In this case there is no will (or declared null). The closest relatives will be called to inherit and the heirs Declaration will be mandatory.

Why are we inheriting?

  • Carmen Minguella, lawyer, has more than 30 years of experience processing and negotiating heritages. Along with Tania Martí we also have two experts in Civil Law.